Energy Star Products, Which Home Appliance Will Reduce Your Electric Bill The Most

Energy costs are steadily rising worldwide, and the typical home appliances we all use every day such as refrigerators and washing machines consume a huge amount of electricity so it’s no wonder the average energy consumer is looking for ways to reduce bills and at the same time helping out with environmental issues.

Energy Star were formed in 1992 and since then have become an excellent labeling platform who brought in the well known blue symbol carrying the seal of approval, which is only awarded to appliances and homes which meet their strict criteria on reducing energy consumption. Here are the main energy guzzling culprits.

Refrigerators come out top of the list when it comes to wasted electricity, which could be avoided just by altering the entire design. By placing the freezer on the bottom saves a great deal of electricity because the cold air obviously rises therefore providing the actual refrigerator compartment with the cool temperature that it needs so you do not have to turn the temperature to a colder setting.

There are a lot of quality built Energy Star refrigerators on the market now with just that design implemented and it is said this concept has a success rate of 20 – 30% energy reduction compared to having side by side designs. Avanti, Sunfrost and Kenmore sell these types of energy efficient refrigerators which in time will reduce your bills.

Dishwashers are well known to use more water than is required and they can also eat up a lot of electricity too, but the efficient Energy Star dishwashers that have been on the market in the last few years can make a large difference in your bills.

It is advised to never leave the dishwasher on stand by mode, and always ensure that the dishwasher is full before use. Sounds obvious but if you combine all these little tips, over a length of time it can amount to a lot of savings.

If you are looking to buy an energy efficient dishwasher then maybe you should consider one that carries an E.U. energy rating of ‘A’ which can save you a considerable amount of money throughout the year and helps reduce overall global energy consumption.

Washing machines are no different when it comes to throwing away unused electricity and using much more water than is required. Energy Star washing machines labeled with the ‘A’ rating are the most efficient and although the ratings go from A – G, with A being top – it is still advisable to purchase an efficient washing machine that is labeled with the highest grade for maximum efficiency.

Household heaters are famous for completely throwing money down the drain especially if you have large windows with either thin useless curtains or none at all. It can get really cold in some countries in winter time, like the U.K. which has unfortunately a very high death rate among pensioners who are too afraid of putting the heater on while worrying that they will not be able to afford the heavy bill when it comes through the letterbox.

Electric storage heaters are the most energy efficient and are easily controlled and usually have a sensor on board which will turn itself off when the room reaches the optimum temperature. Energy Star heaters are quite common place now and have plenty of advanced features to control heat when you need it.

Energy Star insulation comes in various forms but loft insulation is a great way to insulate your home against cold winters as minimum amounts of heat are unable to escape through the roof space. This way is a tried and tested formula which will guarantee that your electricity bills will be much lower and make you realise just how much money has been floating through your roof.

Energy star windows are made from advanced plastics and are an excellent way to insulate your home and save money by not having to turn the heating up. These frames have been sealed to the highest standards and have gone through Energy Star’s strict testing and guidelines to ensure minimum amounts of heat escaping, if any.

Conclusion Yes, we all know that the best rated Energy Star products cost slightly more, maybe a lot more expensive than other home appliances without the famous Energy Star seal of approval label, but if you can afford one, then you are guaranteed to save money on your electricity bills, and be safe in the knowledge that you have purchased a quality, durable product that will last a long time especially as you will get a long warranty.

You are likely to visually see a significant drop in your bills, only after a certain amount of time because you have to take into consideration how much you paid for the product, and the length of time you keep it. After one year you will see a saving as these product use 20-60% less energy than your old appliance. Energy Star products are quality constructed and will save you money.

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