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Top 3 Best Apps to Play MKV Videos on your iPhone 4S/4. Best Apps to Play MKV Videos on iPhone 4S/4. 3. VLC for iOS. VLC is a well known video player which is available for almost all operating system including PC, MAC, Android, Windows and iOS. It is pretty simple and light app which support MKV Video and other format.

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The file format that the majority of video files find themselves in these days, MKV files are not natively supported by iOS but if you have the right app then you will not only be able to play the video, but you’ll also get some of the associated benefits such as better sound and improved video definition.

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But just in case you have a lot of.mkv format files (HD video, 720p/1080p), you ll find that the iPad doesn t play those. Video content that has AC-3 video (99% of mkv files) aren t supported directly and you ll need to use other methods.

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Download 2017 Best 3 Free MKV Video Players to Play MKV Files. MKV File Player in High Repute. 4. Free streaming video audio for iPhone.

MKV, AVI und XVID auf dem iPhone oder iPad abspielen.

Sofern es einer dieser Player mal schaffte eine MKV Datei problemlos abzuspielen funktionierte. Ich habe beim iPhone 5 und iPad 4 bisher jedoch keine.

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Fortunately, there’s VLC, a free video playing staple from the desktop world that is available for iOS. VLC plays just about every movie file format imaginable, plus it has it’s own filesystem of sorts for iOS that lets you easily copy over video files to an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, without having to use iTunes.

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Leider unterstützt das iPad nur sehr wenige Videoformate, die Sie mit dem integrierten Mediaplayer wiedergeben können. Um eine MKV-Datei abzuspielen.

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A long time ago, Apple made it difficult for third-party developers to make a good media player for the iPhone. Thankfully, over the years they’ve.

Play mkv/avi files on ipod/ipad/iphone without conversion.

Transfer mkv/avi files to vlc app in ipod/ipad/iphone from pc/mac using wifi and play them without conversion and. Media Player - Duration: 4.

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MKV Player is a very simple MKV video player with support only for the most basic functions. On the developer website of VSeven Software there isn t much information either. Converting MKV files to MP4 in order to play these files elsewhere is an option, and a program like Free MKV to MP4 Video Converter may help.