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Using Painted Lamp Shades To Create Beautiful Country Interior Design

Painted lamp shades bring out the best in Native American home decor and are definitely the way to go in rustic lighting. The beautiful look they add to your home will have your friends talking about your wonderful designer style long after they leave. In fact, I love these unique shades so much that I enjoy giving them as gifts to friends and family. These lamp shades are an interesting way to enhance wonderful rustic or Native style in your interior design and achieve a look that is certainly one of a kind.

From interesting portraits of Native Indians and fascinating mountain terrain, to intricate paintings of dry desert scenery and Indian homes, you will certainly be pleased with how these hand painted lamp shades enhance your home’s western design and style. What I like most about decorating with painted lamp shades or giving them as gifts, are the many different shade colors and options available.

You can find exquisite artwork on dyed pigskin leather lamp shades that come in many colors including red, green, black, gold, wine, brown or natural, or choose a painting you like on a rustic rawhide shade in a light or dark tone. Whether a suede leather or natural rawhide shade, you will certainly find one to match your color palette and your decorating style. The amazing work of the hand-stitched leather on the leather lamp shade adds beautiful charm and authentic Native American design to your mountain cabin or ranch style home.

Don’t have a mountain home to decorate? The greatest part about painted lamp shades is that they look equally as wonderful in an office, den, bedroom, living room and anywhere else you would like to create western design. The great thing about painted lamp shades is that they are a relatively easy way to change your home lighting or makeover a home without spending a lot of money in home decorating items. Try painted lamp shades on unique rustic style lamps such as wrought iron or antler lamps to enhance an authentic natural mountain look, or simply swich the shade on the traditional style lamps that you already have to create western design.

Regularly used on chandelier lamps for lighting large rooms or for table lamps and desk lamps, painted lamp shades are great for using anywhere you would like to create a touch of color with rustic style. You will be thrilled to see how a simple lamp shade can adjust the design of the whole room and create true southwestern style in your home. Use painted leather lamp shades with other western or rustic style furnishings for true rustic design. Painted lamp shades look incredible when combined with Indian blankets and throws, log ladders, ceremonial drums, or hand-crafted Indian baskets and pottery.

These incredible shades are hard to buy in retail stores where southwestern decorating items are sold, but you can find them online. If you enjoy the Native American style houses typically found in the southwest, or are simply wanting to add great rustic style to your decor, try using the colorful art of painted lamp shades.